Mastering the Art of Light Pad Photography with Flowers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn the foundations of high-key photography and technical skills to capture flowers using a light tracing pad. 

Participants will master the 3-step photography process:  flat lay flower arrangements, technical shooting setup, and post-processing. 

The course includes 6 editing high-key image videos and a bonus lesson on creative finishing touches. 

In this self-study course, explore floral high-key photography with the technique of photographing using a light tracing pad.
Photographer Lori Lankford will share her extensive knowledge and expertise acquired through years of capturing the beauty of flowers using a light tracing pad. The course includes a mix of presentations, videos, and a printable toolkit to keep.

Starting with the fundamentals, you will learn how to arrange flowers to optimize their visual impact. Lori will delve into the intricacies of lighting and composition, emphasizing the role of the light tracing pad in illuminating and accentuating the details of each bloom. The course covers all the technical details for photographing on the light pad. Once you have mastered the art of capturing floral subjects on the light pad, learn how to edit the images.  As a bonus, Lori will provide an exclusive lesson on adding creative elements to your final images.

The course is perfect for beginners to advanced photographers - looking for a fun new way to showcase the beauty of flowers! The editing portion of the course uses Lightroom and Photoshop, but any editing program can be used to edit the final images.

Unlimited access to the course - it does not expire! 

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  • Mastering the Art of Light Pad Photography
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Lori Lankford

Lori Lankford is an established nature photographer, digital artist, and instructor. Lori is known for her creative approach to photography -  stunning flower portraits, abstract nature scenes, and creative close-ups.  Lori has photographed many of the top gardens across the country and had images exhibited in local and national gallery exhibits and printed publications. Lori loves teaching and sharing her passion for creative nature photography. She leads workshops in the Maryland/Virginia/DC area.

Lori teaches Lightroom Classic, Personal Photography Project, and the course A Year of Creative Photography with The Women's Photography Circle.

 You can learn more about Lori on her website,