Learning Manual Mode

Get your camera out of auto mode and start creating photos the way you envision them!

Course runs on September 19th - October 8th, 2022
 3 Live Zoom Sessions on9/22, 9/29, 10/6
Cost: $150

Online Content

Video and text instruction covering each part of the exposure triangle.  Instructor feedback on all assignments.

 Students have access to these videos and course content for 60 days.

Live Instruction

During the course there will be 3 Live sessions with the instructor to answer questions, watch live demonstrations, and get editing feedback.

Instructor Support

During the course you can reach out to connect with the instructor, getting immediate support and feedback.  There will be practice exercises for each section, and an assignment on each topic that you will submit for feedback.  Each week includes a zoom meeting where instructor can answer common questions and offer more detailed explanations

Course Details

This three-week course will cover the basics of exposure, white balance, and metering to give you the skills to move out of auto mode and confidently start shooting consistently in manual mode. We'll cover the decision-making process you need to choose your own settings, and how to start taking creative control of your shot.

This course is geared to the "late beginning" photographer.  Once you have become familiar with your camera, and you feel ready to take the steps to start shooting in manual mode rather than auto settings.  

You will need a DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual mode.  



Tami is a landscape and travel photographer based in Seattle, Washington.  She loves adventuring with her husband and three kids, who are very patient with her need to capture the moment in photo.  They spend most of their time hiking, backpacking, and skiing together.  When they are not outside, Tami teaches the piano, and loves to play racquetball.  

Tami is a Click Community Click Pro Elite photographer.  While her focus is landscape, she also enjoys macro photography, and spent her early photography years as a family, newborn, and senior portrait photographer.  You can view her work at


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