Photography Business 101 - January

Learn how to start your Photography Business the right way!

Starts January 15th, 2024

Start and Grow Your Business!

 As photographers many of us fall into running a business.  We pick up a camera, start taking pictures, then our friends and family start to notice.  We even start to charge for commissions or sessions and things looks great!  We discover that in addition to doing something we love, we also have the potential to earn some money.  That is AWESOME!  BUT, that means that most of us are usually playing catch up when it comes to setting up our business legally.  

Have you ever found yourself wondering if:
- You are really cut out for running a business
- Unsure of who to call when you have questions
- What Digital Assets you need to run your business
- What you should even sell
- Where you can sell your art
- How to price what you sell
- How to market your business for growth
- Multiple BONUSES to help you grow your business

You are in the right place!

In this class we are going to be covering all these things and more!



"Dorie helped me tremendously as I set up my business.  Dorie is an incredibly kind, generous, and inspiring person who loves to help others succeed!  Her knowledge and expertise has helped me tremendously and I set up my business."

What We Will Cover

Your  Course Instructor

Dorie Howell

Dorie is a published photographer serving the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC Metropolitan area. 

As well as running her photography business, she has also become a top photography mentor to other photographers. Her previous experience in the corporate world working in small professional offices taking care of everything from payroll, employee management, customer service, and sales, to running her own photography business, then having an idea to start and run one what was once one of the largest photography education memberships in the industry, has given her the unique experience and knowledge to help creative business owners in any field.



"I highly recommend Dorie as a teacher!  Her intuitive and kind approach in identifying where I was in my business and helping me grow from there was just what I needed.  I highly recommend Dorie as a teacher." 

Course Pricing

  • Photography Business 101
  • $99 USD

    In this course you will recieve all the information you need to start your business legally in an easy to understand way.

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  • How to define your Unique Selling Proposition
  • The three people you need on your team
  • How to set up your business for tax purposes
  • How to create you digital home
  • Intro to marketing your new business
  • How to decide what to sell and considerations in pricing
  • Bonus content with vendor discounts
  • 2 Community Calls to ask questions