A Year of Creative Photography

Online + Live Session + Instructor Feedback

January - December 2023

Jump into a year-long journey of creative photography and take your photography 
to the next level in 2023!

Monthly Themes can include:  Abstract, Movement, Impressionistic, Visual Stories, Shadows, Creative Light, Texture
-  This 12-month program helps you stay engaged in shooting, editing, and growing as a photographer.
- This program provides a supportive community for beginner to advanced photographers.

12 Months of Content

On the 1st of each month you will receive a new themed short course. The content includes artists' inspiration, shooting techniques, editing ideas, and so much more. Each short course is created with beginner and advanced topics. 

Supportive community

All students can participate in the community group. This space gives you a place to share your images and ideas. Gain feedback and inspiration from the other photographers. 

Monthly Live Session

On the last Sunday of each month, join us for a live session where we will review the current month's lesson, get all your questions answered, and receive additional content. The sessions will be recorded and shared each month. 

instructor image feedback

Each month you can share an image from the month's assignment. During the live session, the instructor will highlight and provide feedback on a select group of images. All students will be reviewed several times during the year. 

Lori Lankford

Creator and Instructor

Lori Lankford is an established nature photographer, digital artist, and instructor. Lori is known for her creative approach to photography -  stunning flower portraits, abstract nature scenes, and creative close-ups.  Lori has photographed many of the top gardens across the country and had images exhibited in local and national gallery exhibits as well as in printed a variety of publications. Lori loves teaching and sharing her passion for creative nature photography. She leads workshops in the Maryland/Virginia/DC area.

You can learn more about Lori on her website, www.lorilankford.com.  


"The Year of Creative photography is one of the best courses I have ever taken! Lori has created a wonderful class appropriate for every level of photographer. Each month's focus has carefully designed lessons that include a wealth of material and several projects. Her materials are carefully laid out so people with less experience can easily follow them. With additional editing videos included,  the materials are appropriate for advanced students as well. Her monthly zoom meetings are also carefully crafted to give everyone time to participate.  Lori is upbeat and positive, and her classes reflect her joy in helping her students achieve images they can be proud of. I highly recommend Lori and this wonderful class!"
 Mary E, 2021 &2022 Student 

"This class is a must if you have ever wondered what is possible within digital photography or have wanted to be creatively challenged throughout the year. Lori brings her masterful artistry and inherent joy to each module and presents some of the clearest and most supportive guidance to be found online or in person on each topic. When I signed up for the class, I had a basic knowledge of how to shoot in manual mode and was relatively new to digital editing software. After the first few modules, I felt inspired, rejuvenated, and more in control of my craft. Lori offers each lesson in a supportive yet challenging way and treats each enrollee as an equal. As an introvert, I often find it hard to ask questions or show my work during classes. Lori’s course offered me a safe place to grow. I enjoyed it so much that I’m enrolled in it again to build on what I learned last year, taking my photography to the next level. " Jill W 2021 and 2022 Student

"This class has been good for me because I’ve been challenged to explore in detail different aspects of photography: light, color, shadow, movement, abstract photography, photographing water, and more. Each month has brought a different area to explore with thorough instructions, and Lori’s support has been very helpful. The other student's work has inspired me with different ideas and different viewpoints and to work hard to improve my photography and editing."

"Lori's classes are exceptional in every respect - her enthusiasm was contagious; her preparation always exceeded expectations; class activities and assignments were challenging and motivating, and her feedback was constructive and right on target."

"Learn techniques you’ll only find in college photography courses in this well-taught class while keeping camera and editing skills growing."

Course Pricing 

Pay in Full
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Monthly Contract - 10 monthly payments 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Students will have access to the full course until March 1, 2024. Each month's content will either be a website link or a downloadable document that you can reference for as long as you like. 

The program was built for beginner to advanced photographers. You do not have to learn or master all of the content each month. Start where you are and grow throughout the year. 

The program is built with several activities/lessons for each month. You can do one lesson or all of them, depending on how much time you have available. Even if you do not get to all lessons you have access to the content and can flag it to come back to at a later date. The entire months course content to review and watch is between 1-2 hours in length. 

You will have the material to reference at a later date. Sometimes students cannot participate one month out of the year. That is ok. Often students will use vacation or planned trips to work on the month's assignment. The live sessions are recorded and ready for your to watch once you are ready. 

The gear needed is what is already in your bag. You can use any lens, any camera to work through this course. I will share recommended gear for each month, but it is not required. 

Live zoom session will be on the last Sunday of each month at 8pm est.  The sessions will be recorded and shared with those in different time zones.