Live Webinar

iPhone Photography

With Holly Jansen

Learn how to take better images with your iPhone and how to edit them in Lightroom Mobile.

Webinar is recorded for playback. So even if you can't make the live airing you can still watch it later. 

    Sunday September 24 , 2023

    At 06:00 PM CDT

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The iPhone has become an easy way to capture and document life on social media and websites. Although images can be used straight out of the phone, some simple photography skills in both shooting and editing can take your images from a snapshot to memorable imagery. In this presentation, Holly Jansen of Holly Jansen Photography will talk about important aspects of shooting with the native camera in your iPhone. She will also introduce you to the powerful shooting, editing and organization features of Lightroom Mobile. The features of the native camera app that come with the iPhone will be discussed, as well as the more advanced shooting ability of Lightroom Mobile. Which gives you easy control over focus, exposure and color. A simple editing process will also be discussed to help bring out clarity and saturation.

 Participants will need to have the Lightroom Mobil app installed on their phone to follow along with the live demonstration. You can use all the capture, organization, and sharing features in Lightroom Mobile for free.You can also use most of the editing features for free. Upgrading to the Lightroom subscription through gives you premium features and lets you work across any device. You will walk away with some new tools you can use right away that will help you be more confidant with use of your iPhone camera. 

How to use your iPhone camera
How to use the Lightroom Mobile camera
Editing in Lightroom Mobile
How to organize and share in Lightroom Mobile

Holly's iPhone Images

About the Speaker

Holly Jansen is a photographer, workshop leader, blogger, and speaker who enjoys teaching photography and the creative process. Holly has worked in creative fields all her life. Her passion for art, photography and design started as a young girl when her family attended photography workshops with Ansel Adams in Yosemite National Park. Their conversations around the dinner table were about image composition and where their next photographic adventure would be. Over the years, Holly began showing her photography in local art shows and galleries and sold it for use in numerous design projects. Since 2006, Holly and her husband Mark taught group and private photographic workshops offering beginning to advanced landscape photographers the tools they needed to capture the beauty of amazing natural locations throughout California, the American West, and Iceland. See Holly’s website for more information on her private and online classes.

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